Jean-Jacques Benoist
Jean-Jacques Benoist
The year was 1979 when Sue and Jean-Jacques first met, Jean-Jacques was attending Daytona Beach State College one of the top 5 Photography schools in the country Sue was a transfer student from the Art Institute of Ft Lauderdale also a student of Photography. They both shared a passion to create Sues was more an expression of objects and light while Jean-Jacques concentrated primarily on product photography.

After dating and graduating Jean-Jacques convinced Sue to move from her Upstate NY country life to a fast paced South Florida where Jean-Jacques had lived all his life.

Sue found work in a Product Photography Studio while Jean-Jacques went to work in his fathers business of Custom Interior Decorating.

They married in 1981 and in 1989 Sue opened Benoist Studio and began the dream of owning her own Commercial Photography Studio. Business took off with just a few clients soon it was enough for Jean-Jacques to let go the family business and team up with Sue. It didn’t take long for the two of them to mesh into a creative team.

Shooting film their entire career in 2003 they made the switch to digital. Sue wanted no part of the digital world while Jean-Jacques embraced the excitement of the new technology. It was a steep learning curve to make the transition but looking back it was a necessary and prudent move. Digital helped the product photography work flow tremendously and cut overhead cost in half no more daily trips to the lab no more polaroid’s and no more film.

2006 They had decided they had worked hard and long enough to retire to the home they built in Western NC back in 2000 A 28 year career met with challenges that they both conquered for their clients always giving them more than they expected and always completing a day early.

2009 After a 3 year Hiatus Sue and Jean-Jacques began a new chapter one without the deadlines, one that allows them to photograph the objects of choice while embracing their new permanent home in western NC. You can find them at local Art shows in our area they are in their 4th year of showing, sharing and selling their work, Limited Edition Canvas Creations with layers of digital brush strokes all stretched out and trimmed in Brazilian hardwood. Local scenes are their passion and their work has been well received.

They are a creative team from the day they first met and have managed to learn the fine art of co-creating and staying married they are their best critics to each other and it shows in their work.

Artist Statement

Come visit us at the Rockhouse Vineyard were we will be set up for Art Trek 2012. We felt this would be a great local easy to find venue to share our work a glass of wine and enjoy the outdoor scenery the vineyard has to offer. See you there!

Jean-Jacques and Sue Benoist

“Photography to Art”

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