Derrick Shane Varnadore
Derrick  Shane Varnadore
“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” – John Muir

Shane spent most of his life in Polk County with the exception of departing for college. He was raised amongst the forest in the Pacolet Valley. Containing blood from both the Cherokee and Original European settlers of Polk County, this land and these trees run deep in his veins. Shane grew up as an only child. This, coupled with the fact that he lived some distance from town, quickly made the Pacolet River and surrounding forest his best friends. The trees had always been a sanctuary for him growing up. Now, as an adult, they give to him even more through their material. Shane has always been intrigued by all forms of art. Many of his earliest memories consist of spending his idle time working with pencils and paints. During and after college, his work always revolved around trees. A large portion of his career has been as a carpenter and an arborist. For him, the transition from pencils and paints to sculpting and furniture-making was only natural. Working almost exclusively with wood, the goal of Shane's art is to express spiritual and metaphysical concepts devoid of words and to create pieces that quiet the mind. His art attempts to give renewed life to the often discarded and overlooked biological megaliths called trees that have done nothing but tirelessly give themselves to the human race.

“This work is simply what happens when my soul moves through the tree.”  - Derrick Shane Varnadore