David Edgar
David  Edgar
David Edgar’s Creatures from the Plastiquarium®

David Edgar is a contemporary craft artist pioneering artwork made from post- consumer recyclable plastics like liquid laundry detergent containers. He has exhibited his Plastiquarium® artwork at over 50 museums and cultural venues across the United States and internationally. A graduate of the prestigious Cranbrook Academy of Art, Edgar worked on EPCOT Center as an Artist Preparator with the Imagineering division of the Walt Disney World Company before his professional career in art administration. Edgar’s artwork is represented internationally in corporate, institutional, and private collections.
David and his wife Robin have published Fantastic Recycled Plastic (Lark Books, 2009) a book on the creation of contemporary craft art made using post-consumer recyclable plastics. For more information about David and his artwork
go to www.plastiquarium.com.

Creatures from the Plastiquarium

The Plastiquarium is immersed in mystery. Modern myth suggests that a century of increasing phosphate levels in Earth’s marine environment has caused new, synthetic life forms to emerge. Whereas recyclable HDPE plastic containers spread consumer product pollutants, the creatures of the Plastiquarium have evolved in the image of their packaging forbearers.

"As a sculptor, my work has always been strongly informed by the 20th century tradition of found object assembly. Perhaps, in the context of a mid-life catharsis, I recently interrupted 25 years of working in steel, and began making decorative artworks from recyclable detergent bottles. Although my previous studio work is entrenched in academic intellect, this new work embraces a festive aesthetic with lighthearted imagery that I hope resonates in contrast with our increasingly stressful society."