Beth Bullman Regula

Brief Biography:

I am a South Carolina native. Early education was in schools of the upstate and a college degree was earned at Winthrop University. I have been an art educator in schools from the foothills of South Carolina to the coast. I left the state briefly for a job in Atlanta, Georgia. In Atlanta I used my art educator experience in designing computer based manuals and training programs. In 1983, I married my husband Dennis and moved back to South Carolina. Since that time I have pursued a career as a professional artist.

Artist Statement

My earlier works were pen and ink detail drawings on paper. Today, I use a variety of media in my work. If I can bend it and shape it to express an idea, I use it. Paper, wood, wire, paint, polymer clay, and apoxy clay are commonly used throughout my works. The works are mostly three-dimensional: relief wall hangings or free standing sculptures. Themes in the works are varied but most tend to have a sense of history and explore man’s place in nature.

The moving line, forever restless
Seeking to define shapes and forms
Is the basis of my work.

Work that is two-dimensional
Or three-dimensional.

Lines of ink, paint, clay
Wood, wire, etc…..

Lines that are straight, curved,
Sweeping, and twisted.
Lines that weave in and out

Defining the world as I see it
Both real and imaginary.