Fleming Markel
Fleming Markel
Our culture perpetuates many traditions and beliefs within our governing, religious and social
institutions. Many of these traditions and beliefs are myths, unfounded notions. Yet, these myths exert
control on our daily lives, and on our world view. By constructing objects that question the veracity of
those myths, I try to counteract their social control. I juxtapose disparate materials to make sculpture
with titles that offer questions, but no answers. My sculpture, while humorously off-kilter, might also be
uncomfortably confrontational. I am fascinated by cultural myths, especially those that control women. So, I often begin a sculpture with
a particular feminine myth in mind. I make objects I want to see. In this particular series, “Pent-up
Pink,” the materials of each sculpture are themselves purveyors of cultural myths: Plexiglas, steel,
women’s craft materials, household objects. With a nod to Minimalism, Surrealism and Pop Art, I work
under the influence of, and in homage to, the Feminist Art of the 1970’s.
My sculpture is not a crusade but a journal.