Tom Dimond
Tom Dimond
 I feel that my paintings represent a synthesis between certain aspects of the visual environment and the intellectual and emotional responses encountered in the creative process of painting itself.
Oftentimes certain color relationships or textures observed in the natural environment while hiking in the forests and along the shorelines of the lakes of South Carolina or the marks of man in the environment may trigger or influence choices made during the creative process. 
The newer pieces are from a series that I began about two years ago exploring various techniques and materials that I have been layering together and combining with a mixture of mediums. How this happens varies somewhat but I can tell you that I combine free flowing gestural marks with watercolor, acrylic monoprints on Japanese papers, inkjet transfers of drawings, found objects, comic pages, watercolor washes, various acrylic mediums such as gloss medium, crackle paste, block out medium and gum arabic.
All of the work is done on watercolor paper.
These works are metaphors for the way we process visual information; whether that information comes from our personal history, our learned history or the history of our culture, it often presents itself in fragments pieced together as glimpsed through the landscape of our minds.