Dan Loudermelt
Dan Loudermelt
PO Box 220
Mill Spring NC 28756

Dan and Judy's Tree Treasures

Dan Loudermelt woodworker, Judy Loudermelt wood burner, "critiquer" and inspiration.

I am the retired Forest Ranger from Polk County and after spending 35 years working in the forest developed a tremendous admiration for the utility and beauty of wood. This led to my interest in making crafts from wood. During my career as Forest Ranger, I saw a lot of wasted wood and decided to try to utilize as much as I could of the trees that I found that had died from forest fires, winter storms and attacks from insects and tree diseases. At lease 90% of the crafts that I make are from salvaged trees that would have been burned or rotted and otherwise gone to waste.

Up until May 2012 I only did woodworking on a part time basics. But since then I have retired and am able to devote more time to my crafts and to attending craft fairs. These craft fairs have been very rewarding because of the many friends my wife and I make at them and the nice people we get to meet.