Grace Lertora
Grace Lertora
I am Argentine, American, and bilingual; inquisitive, spiritual, creative and energetic.
Cultures and their colors, music, food and people flavor our lives. As a well-traveled observer
and participant in several cultures, my interests and insights have sparked a variety of work,
from realistic to abstract, sensitive to surreal, oil paint to a myriad of methods and mediums.
The lessons and vistas that life has enlivened, the opportunities that work has provided, the love
and joy of family and friendship have touched my artist’s soul.
These experiences are expressed on canvas, paper, clothing and throughout my home. As a
teacher, enthusiasm encouraged growth and participation in students. As a Latino woman, my
culture and artistic bent are intertwined and expressed in music, food and energy that reaches
and touches with love and craziness those around me
Is there a better way to show our love of life, family, color and rhythm?
What was the last place you visited that created a vivid or treasured memory?
How many times has that memory made you smile?
As we walk and travel around our world, we see, feel and react to the images and the people
in it. My work is a journey through memories; a journey which takes place in several countries
and involves my reaction with those places. Interpreting my fascination with people, nature and
the pathways we choose to explore as individual beings in an inter-related universe is a passionate
ongoing study and practice.
To enjoy our world is a gift we are all given. To use that gift and appreciate
what we see, touch, taste and feel enriches our lives.
Painting is a personal journey into the inner spirit, which reaches out, stimulates or involves
not only the artist but the onlooker. It doesn’t matter whether the painting creates a positive or
negative reaction. The point is to create a reaction; an involvement, curiosity, thought or even
interest in the use of the materials or techniques of the painting.
The celebration of life’s colors, patterns and especially the exploration of color relationships in
a strong compositional framework challenge me. This interest also extends to figures and their
relationship to space.
1941 Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina
1947-49 Moved to Washington, D.C., USA (Diplomatic assignment, family)
1949-51 Moved to London, England (New assignment, family)
1951-53 Returned to Argentina. Art instruction and interest expanded quickly.
1953 Immigrated to USA
1959-61 Attended American University, Washington, DC. Since 1959, acrylic paints
have been my medium of choice for their flexibility.
1961-74 Marriage, then a family of four.
1974-05 Instructor in painting and drawing for Maryland National Capital Park & Planning
Commission (MNCPPC)
1988-05 Instructor in painting, drawing, Spanish and senior fitness for PGCC
1989 Awarded a Delegate Scholarship to University College, Maryland Univ.
1990 Awarded a CAPA Scholarship to Maryland University
1991 Graduated BFA, Cum Laude, Maryland University.
2005-07 Resided in North Carolina, Co-founder of Buddhist Hermitage, Hendersonville,
2007-Present Living part time in North Carolina/ South Carolina working as an artist
and craftsman
Our four children have provided us with seven grandchildren. They continue to add character,
fun, and challenge to my life and my artistic pursuits.
Member The Art League, Torpedo Factory, Alexandria, Va.
Mattawoman Creek Arts Center, Marbury, Md.
P.G. County Art Guild
Faculty Prince George’s Community College (Art and language)
MNCPPC Instructor (Arts)
Painting Excursions
France, Italy, Greece and Spain, along with many Washington, DC area sites.
West Virginia , Delaware, North and South Carolina, and Florida are favorite
locations for paintings, drawings and sketches.
Area Shows Livingston Gallery, Harmony Hall, Md.; Montpelier, Laurel Art Guild, Rockville,
Md.; Harmons Interior Designs, College Park, Md.; PGCC, Largo, Md.;
The Art League Gallery, Alexandria, Va.; Mattawoman Creek Art Center,
Marbury, Md.; MCPPC Conference Center, Southern Area and Langley
Park, Md.; Saluda Grade, Saluda, NC.; Unique Salon, Hendersonville, NC.;
Persimmons Restaurant, Landrum, SC.

Telephone: 828-808-5399
Email: [email protected]