B.J. Precourt
I think of myself as a folk art woodcarver, and my art probably took root in our children's childhood.

My wife Julie and I started our own business, B & J Glass Company, many years ago. Working 12 - 14 hour days gave me just enough time to come home and read bedtime stories to our 2 children. After repeating the fables and rhymes too many times, they came to enjoy my made-up stories even more.

Retirement came early and in 1984 we moved from New Jersey to our 1800s era log farm house situated on 36 acres in the beautiful Pea Ridge section of Mill Spring, North Carolina. In the process of remodeling and adding on, I found time to explore the surrounding woods and mountains. Being a collector of wood carvings, I decided to teach myself the art, and to use all the found wood Mother Nature had to offer.

Relying on imagination, humor and whimsy, I decided to illustrate my original stories with wood carvings and so many of my carvings have a background story.

Working with 100-year-old tools in a 100-year-old barn and completely self taught, I am creating in a folk art carving tradition and I'm delighted to pass it along.

B.J. Precourt

Studio: 2135 Whiteside Rd., Mill Spring, NC