Carol Beth Icard
Carol Beth Icard
I WAS A QUIET, INTROSPECTIVE CHILD who grew up near Boston, Massachusetts in a home with paintings on the wall, music playing and plenty of books to feed my imagination.  But “home arts” were what I was exposed to most, so as a young mother supplementing the family income, I sewed clothes, baked pies and knit slippers before eventually designing a line of children’s gifts that sold all over the country.  Basket making followed, and I loved dying the reed into rainbows and finding ways to shape my work in unusual ways, yet I longed for a deeper expression of meaningful creativity. 

IN MY MID FORTIES I enrolled in the visual arts program at Berkshire Community College, where I joyfully immersed myself in drawing, painting and art history classes.  I felt like a tight bud unfurling in the sunshine of my education. Following graduation I attended a weeklong class in Italy.  My heart cracked open, colors flowed out and revealed a new path.

AFTER PAINTING FOR A NUMBER OF YEARS, unearthing ways to articulate my inmost reflections, my husband and I decided to move to South Carolina to be closer to our two grown daughters and their families. 

I AM A QUIET, INTROSPECTIVE ADULT.  My work incorporates intuition, emotion and contemplation via color, gesture, line and form.  Each painting can be a road back into the past, winding through the ancient walls of Italy, or forward into the realm of unexpected angels.  I play with the paint and the process, trusting and improvising and wrangling, until some mysterious alchemy reveals the finished work.

Artists Statement:

I paint because…

I like creating an oasis in the chaos.

I like mystery, history and make-believe.

It lets my head travel and my heart speak.

Carol Beth Icard

Studio: 701 S. Shamrock Ave.
Landrum, SC 29356

[email protected]

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