As a nonprofit organization, the Upstairs Artspace is required to have a fully complete and functional Board of Directors to meet the requirements set aside in the bylaws of a 501(c)3. These Directors are nominated by members and serve on a voluntary basis for a term of two years. The Board is organized in committees such as Exhibits, Marketing, Programs, Executive, and Hospitality that meet on a regularly scheduled basis.
[ Current Board Members ]
President: John Walters
Secretary: Ann Gleason
Vice President: Jim Cullen
Treasurer: Patti Troubaugh
Past President: Mary Prioleau
[ Directors ]
Cathy Brettman
Jen Packard
J. Alan Peoples
Jim Peterman
Alexia Timberlake Boyd
A gallery such as the Upstairs requires untold hours of selfless devotion and dedication. While we would love to name all of the wonderful Gallery Managers, Co-Managers and Volunteers past and present, in this limited space, we can only list a few of the many currently involved.
[ Gallery Staff ]
Elena Hernandez-Rubio
Gallery Assistant
Jen Gordon
Gallery Manager
[ Current Volunteers ]
Nancy Holmes
Marie King
Steve King
Dale McEntire
Wyndy Morehead
Jen Packard
Diane Samsel
Alexia Timberlake Boyd
David Zacharias