1. Maureen Robinson

    Fallen Angel
  2. Virginia Derryberry

    The Three Graces of New Orleans
  3. Grace Carol Bomer

    Parachute Dummies
  4. Brigid Burns

    Quilt 2009
  5. Robert Asman

    Excavations Series
March 21, 2014 - May 2, 2014
Work by 18 artists who have been featured in "Bold Life" magazine over the 11 years of its publication. Curated by the magazine's publishers, Mary DiOrio and Rimas Zailskas.
Panel Discussion Tuesday, April 8, 7 pm - 9 pm, "The Opposite of Milquetoast," moderated by the curators and featuring several artists from the exhibit.
Robert Asman
Anthony Bellemare
Carolyn Bomer
Brigid Burns
Philip DeAngelo
Virginia Derryberry
Karin Eberle
Rowan Farrell
James Flames
Werner Haker
Heidi Hayes
Taiyo la Paix
Bobbie Polizzi
Maureen Robinson
Renato Rotolo
Robert Seven
Gabriel Shaffer
William Thomas Thompson