1. Stoney Lamar

    Ribs (detail)
  2. Stoney Lamar

  3. Stoney Lamar

  4. Stoney Lamar

    Shibori (detail)
  5. Dale Weiler

    The Secret (Harris Hawk)
  6. Shane Varnadore

    Man in Prayer
  7. David Zacharias

    Big Guns
  8. Tom Gardner

  9. Dale McEntire

June 23, 2018 - August 3, 2018
"Thoughtful Forms: Stone, Wood, Clay, Steel" showcases exciting floor and wall sculpture by Mark Gardner, Stoney Lamar, Dale McEntire, Shane Varnadore, Dale Weiler and David Zacharias, all residents of Polk County.

Gardner and Lamar are nationally known and celebrated wood-turners in major museums, galleries and collections. Varnadore is fast growing his reputation as a turner. McEntire and Zacharias, acclaimed artists and art teachers, sculpt thoughtful, powerful pieces with clay, wood, stone, metal -- even glass. Dale Weiler sculpts in stone and some bronze.