1. Jane Dorn and Jo Carol Mitchell-Rogers

    Asheville pairing
  2. Jane Dorn and Jo Carol Mitchell-Rogers

    Inman pairing
  3. Annette Giaco

    Blue Granny
  4. Beth Regula

    From the Heights to the Depths and all Spaces inbetween
  5. Glenda Guion

    Leaf Mandorla_Stone
  6. Ludovic Nkoth

  7. Nancy O'Dell-Keim

  8. Addam Duncan

  9. Dwight Rose

  10. Connie Bostic

    Trailer 2
May 6, 2017 - June 16, 2017
FOCUS/SOUTHERN VERNACULAR: Photographs by Jane Dorn and Jo Carol Mitchell-Rogers highlights the juxtaposition of two very different visual interpretations of a singular experience.

Each of the seven artists in ALTERED REALISM maintains a connection with “realism”. Through personal vocabularies, they express their distinctive understanding of and unique relationship to their interactions with reality. The portals they create for the viewer to pass through may differ, but on the other side of each door are visions of humanity that are thoughtful and provocative. This exhibit is curated by Scott Cunningham.

Featured artists: Addam Duncan, Annette Giaco, Glenda Guion, Ludovic Nkoth, Nancy O'Dell-Keim, Beth Regula, and Dwight Rose.

Small Works Gallery: where the heart is: New Work by Connie Bostic explores the ways in which basic structures are altered and personalized by those who live in them.